Upload To Graal

1) save the picture of the head/body/shield template (right click, save picture as)

2) Go to which ever game you play

Era Upload: www.tinyurl.com/GraalEraUploads

Classic Upload: www.tinyurl.com/GraalClassicUploads

3)Enter your email, click browse and find the picture of the template. Do the rest of form thing.


When you click upload, choose the head that has black hair with a yellow hair tie thing. Then press upload again.

Depending on if the template has transparency or not, check or uncheck box.

What I do, is I send the template twice, one checked, and one unchecked.


  1. hey dayna can you upload a body for me it wont let me

  2. Izzielynne G. Dela Cruz

    I like sexy body

  3. Can u please daynalovesyew unload for me a body called mermaid

  4. can anyone hlep me i cant go in this link http//tinyurl.com/graalEraUploads why hlep me plzzz

  5. Dynamic can u please upload a body for me?same reason as squiggles

  6. Dyna can you please upload a body for me it won’t let me the same reason as squiggles

  7. Is this where u upload graal too get new heads?

  8. And can u give me nice clothes,heads like yours,and good bodies.PLEASE!!!!

    I am in graal

  9. Hey dayna can u plz plz upload me a body the one with bunny feet but can u plz put it in white it wouldn’t let me :c

  10. guys i play graal era and i cant enter upload website for era need help

  11. can someone help me with error message “the frames are in the wrong position” when trying to upload a body. Thanks.

  12. Yea my uplaod web dont work now i pay noobs to uplaod for me plus some scam and i need an awesome male body (not da awesome one i made)

  13. Hey can u upload a head for me plz am a boy i want a cool one plz with red hair plz can u upload it

  14. Can you upload a head for me in era

  15. I’m need help to upload .-.

  16. So if I upload It will be free or cost?$

  17. This will be my first time to upload can you do it for me without the $?$

  18. I want an upload so badly T^T

  19. To upload it cost many money the body is 10k and the head cost 20k 10+20k=30k so save money for 30k if u don’t know how to upload just go to start and say “Need a free uploader” Like Me! my sis is a free uploader in era so u got it guys?

  20. U need to have really many money even I can’t get the money o.o X.x

  21. XxFallenAngelxX

    Can you upload a body for me? I have an iPod touch not a computer ;-;

  22. Wait. Dayna can you upload for free because I don’t have $ but i really want uploads

  23. Can anybody upload an image to me

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